Reflective blog…

Before coming to University three years ago I had no idea that blogging was an existing phenomenon let alone a tool that could be used in order to learn and express knowledge. However during the course of my degree I have been introduced to the concept of blogs and it has developed to become an extensive part of my learning journey especially during this particular module over the past few months.  

I must admit when I was told that this module would primarily consist of blogging and commenting on others’ blogs I was apprehensive as to what I would actually gain from the experience however I genuinely believe that I have learnt more during the course of these blog assessments than in any other module due to its flexibility and freedom to explore different aspects of learning. 

This module has encouraged me to participate in a vast amount of research in my own topic of modern technology in schools but also due to the requirement of commenting on my fellow students’ blogs I have come across research associated with topics that I perhaps would have never come across if it was not for this module. This has also given me the opportunity to view and consider others’ conflicting perspectives and opinions regarding a vast variety of topics. 

Due to participation in this module I truly believe that my critical writing skills in particular have vastly improved. I have also developed a skill in finding appropriate and relevant research to support the arguments that I make in my posts. Both these skills are absolutely essential in Science therefore these are two elements that I will be able to use practically when I eventually graduate from University and step out into the real world to find work. This is not something that is not necessarily taught in modules in which sitting in a large lecture room listening to a lecturer talk about a particular topic. 

Furthermore class presentations were required in this module. Although I was incredibly nervous about this aspect of the module I can truly say that they were not half as scary as they seemed. I feel as though my public speaking skills have vastly improved due to the weekly talks. Again this is a skill that I will need to have once I leave University and I feel that this module has given me a great opportunity in developing this skill and improving my confidence when it comes to speaking about a particular topic in front of a considerable amount of strangers. 

Thank you all for your feedback and for a great semester. I wish you good luck in your end of year exams and assessments!


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